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What I do.

So, let me tell you about what I do.

I’ve got this blog. I put out some sweet videos. I generally give lots of info for free, because it’s my passion and to do otherwise would simply go against my nature.

But that’s the info. Use the info however you like. Consider it my gift to you. If you’re interested in a closer relationship with someone like me, someone that can help you to break through some of the mental barriers that are keeping you from achieving that which you want, then we can talk. When you sign on with me, I want you to be satisfied, and I’ll do everything that I can to ensure that you are. However, in a life coaching relationship, I’m just the coach. I don’t run the race. The value you get out of it will be almost completely determined by how much you put into it.

How I Do It

The Story Book Method

I’ve developed a system that I use to get to the heart of what’s really holding you back (currently) called The Story Book Method. This system allows you to separate yourself from your issues (big or small) and tell it like it is without a lot of emotion. This isn’t to say that emotion isn’t good, or in anyway needs to be avoided. It’s simply that for many, it’s easier to get to the core if they can separate themselves from the pain.

What we do then is determine the area of your life in which you need to focus. I do that through a personal analysis of the #SELFMASTERY Life Wheel. I then help you to establish new habits that are going to blast you through barriers and allow you to get closer to the vision you have for your life.

I do not have many clients by choice. Between writing books, speaking, running other businesses and spending time with my family, I really only have room for a couple of people. However, those people have a lot of access to me. You can be anywhere in the world, and as long as you speak English, we can work together. I charge by the month, and you set the pace.

Is there space?

Maybe. Some people need a lot of me, and they’re with me long-term. Others just need me for a month of hardcore activity, they get themselves sorted out, and continue on their already-high performance way without me. All up, I generally will waitlist people that are wanting long-term treatment and take them as I can. For the folks who need a one-and-done month or two, I try to squeeze them in if at all possible – making room where I ordinarily have none.

Bottom line, inquire. I will do my very best to fit you in.

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