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by | Oct 10, 2016 | Physiology

Prepare yourself, journeyman! For this post of blog will take you on a quest of self-enlightenment if you are truly wise, and simple amusement if you are not. (However, as my writing is parched in nature, it will may fly o’er the crest of your skull. Beware!)

Credibility on the streets

This isn’t a plug for the book. (I mean, it is. You can buy it right here, here, and here.) No. Even though the purchase of this tome is readily available to you through simple avenues in this post, when was the book published? Like, January? 2016? My point is that with over six months separating this post from the book’s release, I’m not just trying to jump on the publicity bandwagon, using folks interested in reading 23 different reviews of the book by people who have skimmed the pages, made one recipe (in their heads) and banged out a quick shot up the popularity pole.

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Howe’er, I’ll tell you that the topic of this blog is a ground upon which I stomp. That topic? Home cookin’. (I know. The man does it all, right?) Not only home cooking, but home cooking with a dash of quantum physics, and a sprinkle of spirituality. If you are not a full-blown hippy by the end of this post, then I recommend having your auras cleansed by a Peruvian shaman whilst sipping kale/quinoa tea and focusing on your fourth chakra.

Low & Slow

Before home cookin’, let’s talk slow cookin’. If you’re in the market, I’d recommend this one. (But, seriously, you’re completely capable of choosing your own slow cooker. This one just happens to be a decent size, from a reputable company, for a low price, with huge ‘zon good ratings. If you can surmount the insurmountable evidence that this is the best slow cooker and buy something else, be my guest. But, you might look the fool.)

So, if there is a sexier pair of slow-cooking nonconformists than Louise Hay and Heather Dane, I’ve yet to find them. These two have put together a lovely little morsel I’m recommending you chew through right now. The premise behind the book is that bone broth is literally the best thing you could possibly put in your body as food. (At least, that’s what I was able to glean.) The way in which you make bone broth is by cooking the bones (flower garland-wearing, free-range, non-GMO, organic-only, please) at low temps for a long time. And, one of the easiest ways to do this is in a slow cooker. Set it, and fa’getabutit.

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But, not just broth! Incredible stews! Kick-ass soups! Roast birds! You can even throw in the ingredients in the morn, go to work, and come back to an awesome cooked meal at eventide. Could I be making any more sense?

Isn’t that cheating?

But, Danny! You said home cooking! If you’re leaving for the day and barely paying attention to the slow cooker, how is that home cooking?

First, let me fill you in on why home cooking is so righteous. If you’ve never slaved over a meal, you’ll find it difficult to understand. Let me enlighten you…

When you lovingly pick the ingredients, lovingly wash them, lovingly prepare them, lovingly assemble them, lovingly taste along the way, loving order your good-for-nothing children to set the table – or lovingly set it yourself, lovingly light the candles, lovingly pour the wine, lovingly invite the attendees to the table, and lovingly bid those attendees to, “Please, enjoy,” you’ve done so much more than fed the troops. But only if you include love as a necessary ingredient in each of those steps.

Positive Vibes

Break out your headbands, beaded necklaces and peace signs. It’s about to get real, right now. So, Dr. Masaru Emoto did some experiments with different positive and negative words, music, and famous names in history, and their effects on water crystals. The mainstream scientific community ridiculed the truly fascinating findings as pseudo-science. (And, if you read the YouTube comments, their henchmen moonlight as trolls. Beware!)

Anyway, it backs up Albert Einstein who said, “mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing…” (Atomic Physics; 1948) This then being a foundation of the research that Dr. Joe Dispenza has done, that he expounded on in his phenomenal Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, in which matter was reduced to smaller and smaller bits, and the smallest of those was found to basically be energy.

So, if the energy, vibes, or whatever you want to call it, from the words, music and names that Dr. Emoto applied to water (matter) had an effect on them, then shouldn’t it stand to reason that your positive (or negative – beware!) intention when selecting, washing, preparing, cooking your meal for your loved ones will have an effect on the actual love-energy intake that occurs with the meal? Wouldn’t it at least be possible that you are adding spiritual nutrition to food that might otherwise have been depleted?

Wow. So hippy right now.

I know. It’s ridiculous how love-in this is. I’m almost cringing myself. But, press on I must! There’s one other minor factor here that might hold your interest: kosher and halal. Judaism and Islam, right? Not so much.

In their most basic forms, they are just variations of each other. Sure, if you do the research you’ll find that this and this are allowed under these circumstances for kosher whereas not for halal, and vice versa. But, those are just the rules that men decide to tack onto a pretty straightforward direction from God – creator of Jew, Muslim, Buddhist and Atheist, alike.

Coming from the same family, these two are kind of bickering siblings, but it can all be traced back to the one origin. Before Judaism. Before Islam. That group of people had dietary restrictions, and I can at least speak of Jewish oral teachings that for the reason behind it, go between, “Because God said so!” and “Because there are negative spiritual attributes to those types of restricted food.”

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Negative spiritual attributes, you say? Sounds like it should be on the ingredients label, if you ask me. And, this is where Louise & Heather and I differ. There’s pork and prawns a’plenty in The Bone Broth Secret, and I don’t subscribe. But, just skip those recipes.

Yes, but slow cooking is cheating.

Back to that, are we? Okay. Let me break it down in terms of the multidimensional hippiverse that we’re all living in…

Yes, you’re not paying too careful attention to it. However, if you’re going to go to the trouble of slow cooking, you may as well pick the right ingredients, right? (Love) And wash them? (Love) And prepare them? (Love) And, even though you’re away at work, your subconscious, which is like 95% (or something silly like that) of your brain power, is still ‘monitoring’ the meal.

And, since it’s all energy baby, that means your energy is connected to the energy in your meal, and your positive love vibes are trickling in through time and space to create the fantastic meal that your family will be nourished by this eventide.

Are you feeling like a legend chef, yet? Because you should be.

So! The next time you’re making tea for your special someone, or preparing some cereal for the kiddos, stir in a little helping of your love and send them off on the right track, for the day.

Now leaving Hippiville! All abooooard!

A book review of the super-food cookbook by Louise Hay & Heather Dane. How can it be made more powerful than it is?

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