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Here’s the deal.

More and more, I am completely convinced that few people really know what the hell they’re doing. That most are just faking it and hoping that no one calls them on their bullshit. Would this be an accurate description of your life as you know it? (Swallow your pride, please, and be honest.)

I’ve been there. And yeah, life’s not a destination, it’s a journey. But, wouldn’t you like to enjoy the trip? I see so many people living their lives like they’re being taken around by some unseen parent figure vibe to places they never intended to go – they just know they don’t want to go there.

But, really, all this comes back to is you feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing. Not in control. Not in the driver’s seat. Which freaks you out! How can you help but feel like life is dragging you from pillar to post to see a bunch of crap you didn’t sign up for?

Well, weary journeyman/woman, I got the medicine. But, we need to start at Step 1.

Step 1

Let me tell you something: It doesn’t even matter if you know your destination. Though it’s super important to have an idea of where you’re going, as you grow and change, so does your end result. (Do you want the same life now that you wanted when you were eight years old?) So, it’s kind of a moving target. What is not up for debate, however, is where you’re at right now.

But if you’re lost in the mire and muck of the drudgery of your everyday life with huge trees of inbuilt habit and irrational beliefs overhead shielding your vision, how can you figure this out? With the #SELFMASTERY Life Wheel. That’s how.

Step 2 – Break it down

Got the #SELFMASTERY Life Wheel filled out? Know your position? Able to tell someone else? Great. Now we break it down to work on the individual aspects of your life, as detailed below.

Rich Youngsters Drinking on a Boat - #selfmastery @DannyZoucha

“Isn’t it great our Instagram accounts made us so rich, hot and able to tolerate alcohol?” Image © NejroN Photo/bigstock

“Why?” I hear you ask. Because, Legend, that which is holding you back from getting what you want is, in fact, you. See, this world works in a funny way. Yeah, you can check out Instagram and see a bunch of dickheads flashing pictures of cash and “lux” and you can feel like your life is worthless because they have, and you have not. But, before you go hurling yourself off the nearest precipice, let’s put things into perspective:

#1: Do these purveyors of envy actually have the crap they’re insisting that you need? No. It’s just an account run by someone just like you on the ‘gram.

#2: While there are yachts, Audis and babes a’plenty, is there true happiness behind the façade? Who knows? Ask the nearest “rich” person if they’re happy because of their obscene wealth and they’ll inevitably tell you, “No.” If they are happy, the fat stacks aren’t the reason.

So, now that the illusion is shattered (sorry) we can get back to what life is really like. It’s the journey I like to call self-mastery. Where, contrary to popular opinion (that says, “Just be ruthless and get while the gettin’s good”) you actually focus on making yourself a much better person than you are, currently.

“Again, why?” You ask.

Lots of reasons, that I go into in my blog. But, for now, all you need to know is that the input of good vibes in one’s life (be it love, health, happiness, joy, etc.) is a direct representation of the good vibe output of one’s life. You get what you give. Karma. Do unto others. It’s all there.

Does that mean that by giving someone who can’t do anything for you $5 to get a sandwich you’ll somehow get $5 handed back to you at some point?

Simplistically, yes. Exactly. Except so much better. There is like a good vibe magnifier built into this beautiful place we live in/on that says, “Whatever you do to benefit others, in the right frame of mind/heart, is going to come back to you 100x over.”

I’m not just talking money. Money is just a way to buy the things that might put a smile on your (or someone else’s) face, for a bit. I’m talking real, true, happiness and peace.

That’s what those of us on the #SELFMASTERY journey find. That’s what I want for you. It’s what I want for everyone. Truly from my heart. So, let’s get to work.

The Segments

I try to dole out as much free (or deeply discounted) info as I can about the #SELFMASTERY journey. You can find it in my blog and various other resources around the place. Now that you’ve done the #SELFMASTERY Life Wheel (right?) you know which of your segments are struggling. So, check out the applicable segment/s and enjoy the ride! (Seriously, life only gets better from here.)

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#SELFMASTERY is a semi-frequent noticeboard for system strategies and self-mastery techniques that have the ability to tweak an area of your life and put you on a better trajectory. Click only on what resonates with you. Cancel anytime.

"Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master."




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