People-First: The Culture that will Save Your Business

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Work

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The #1 attraction right now to building a business centered around your people is that you’re attracting the Millennials, who are all about that. It’s not that they want an awesome job centered around them exclusively — it’s that they’re a socially driven group of people that have always been in settings of strangers that they make into their surrogate families. (Daycare, schools, college, etc.)

If you can attract and keep them through your people-first culture, the Millennials will drive your business development. They’re full of ideas that are genuinely geared toward making the world a better place and are easily marketed to their peers, the Millennials, who control vast portions of the economy.

But, let’s say you don’t develop that community culture at your place of business. The Millennials will consider your company…

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Millennials can drive a business or dive a business. They care more for people than profits. Learn more...

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