On Behalf of My Wife… F*ck You.

by | Apr 16, 2017 | Relationships

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Stupid Comment Troll - @DannyZoucha

Reader Beware: I am not normally an overly crass individual. However, my cup of wrath overfloweth. It overfloweth with profanity.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a critique of Mulligan Brothers Motivation. They rock.

“Don’t feed the troll. Don’t feed the troll. Don’t feed the tr-… Nah. Fuck it.”

On a single day, my wife has more “beast” in the tip of the nail of her daintiest finger than you, I, or any other male will accumulate in all of our born years. You’ve “never met or even seen a woman with the beast within”? Fuck you. You’ve met them. You’ve seen them. They’re fucking ALL AROUND you. You just don’t recognize them for the same reason that you decided to post your dumbass opinion instead of just fucking off with it like a gentleman: Your own lack of “the beast”.

At 19, my wife…

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Nothing could control the rage and disappointment when I stumbled upon this particular moron's comments...
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