Echoing Results & Creepy Circus Rides

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Mind & Spirit

As Mark Twain was alleged to have said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

Let’s think about this in terms of your life and why you repeatedly find yourself in similar situations.

The Carousel

The carnival lights flash into the night sky, beckoning wayfarers to, “Please, enter!” The music plays in the distance; typical theme park noises mixed with it, creating an atmosphere of delight, excitement and slight nausea, all at once.

Amy, drama magnet extraordinaire, sits happily on her carousel horse (let’s call it The Silver Crisis) rounding Catastrophe Corner, flying into and through Disasterville, waving at the well-known residents of Misfortuneton and Afflictionberg. Then, she’s hit by the arrows of sickness, stalkers and major surgeries! She slumps in her ride, ever-attempting to keep her eyes on the blurring scenery as it flies past.

Here’s the mind-blower. Some of these carousels intersect. This is why you can be merrily (or unmerrily) riding the Mistreatment Turntable and you’ll meet Amy riding the Drama Drone.

Businessman stand face to face - #selfmastery @DannyZoucha

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Your paths cross. Your lines intersect. And, for a brief period, you’re in each other’s lives. You will have an influence on her, or she will have an influence on you, or both, or neither. This part depends on you, and is the topic of another post. But, why have your paths crossed? Chances are, it’s because the carousels have stopped momentarily. Otherwise, you’d have flown right past her. Why have they stopped? Because someone is getting on or someone is getting off, and there dear reader is the secret to successfully moving through life’s circles.

You can get off.

You read right! This isn’t a limited time offer, either. The sale is on now, and it will be on forever.

“But, c’mon Danny, if it were that easy to change my circumstances, don’t you think I’d have done it by now? ”You’re right. It’s not always easy to get off the carousel. After all, there’s the fences. You know, those fences that keep riders in and potential-riders out? (This is why, even when you feel you’ve safely gotten off the horse, the scenery looks familiar, the sounds are the same, and you see the same people. But, it’s all from a different perspective.) There is an exit though, and you need to find it. Then, you’re out and on to the next carousel which, if you’re truly growing as an individual, is going to be a better ride.

City night with light - #selfmastery @DannyZoucha

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But, that presumes you want to get off your bad roundabout. Those on the #SELFMASTERY path want to, and do it all the time. As soon as we start to see a pattern in our results, we decide if it’s optimal or subprime, and plan accordingly. Those not on the #SELFMASTERY journey – well, they ride for an awful long time. Usually, until a true earth-shattering event hurls them clear, or eats them alive. But, that’s generally not a pleasant experience.

You keep rounding the same bend and seeing the same trees. What’s the common denominator in your life? Fix it, and get new scenery.

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