So, here’s the situation, dear reader: We’re all climbing the mountain called #SELFMASTERY. News flash! You don’t get to leave the mountain. The only way off of this thing is when you die and get an airlift. How high up you make it is entirely up to you.

A lot of people think that the struggle is in the climbing. And, yeah, it takes some effort. But it’s actually harder to just circumnavigate an inclined plane like a mountain as a dissatisfied you attempts to find a better view. (Psst! The better view is higher up!)

Now, you can climb on your own, or you can reach up to one of the people that have made it higher than you and they can give you a hand. Either you’re higher up the mountain than I am, or I’m higher than you. If you suspect I’m higher, then reach out, amigo! I’m here to help!

And please, if you’re higher, reach down to me. I’m on the journey just like you.

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I would love to start tagging, bumping, poking,  and chilling with all of you on one or all of the following networks, not necessarily in this order, or at the same time.

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