Thanks, for stopping by! Come for the enormous pictures of me on a roof, stay for the About Section, am I right? But, let’s cut through the bullshit. You suspect your life can be better, right? Great. I can help. Let’s get to work.

The Backstory

I got started in business pretty young. I wish I could say that from word “go” I was clamoring at the gates of Entrepreneur Manor, but I wasn’t. I was truly forced into business by my parents. They bought me, my sister, and my brother a push mower each; a little, rusty, red pickup; and a trailer to cart it all around, and told us to get out there and “make dat money.” (And yeah, that’s actually a picture of Yours Truly in younger days, in that rusty little pickup.)

The Little Red Pickup - Danny Zoucha #Business Developer - @dannyzoucha @danny_zoucha

Happen to see my attitude-flinging face? Turns out, I wasn’t that keen on the job. But, dad had a funny way of making life hell if I didn’t hop-to, so “to” I hopped. However, that wasn’t the first time I poked my nose into business. Dad and mom invented a nice little gizmo and I proceeded to help them make about a zillion of them (seemed like) in my formative and teen years. Grandpa on one side, also an inventor, developed a little gizmo of his own and I got a front row seat watching that business grow and thrive. Grandpa on side two? Just helped build some of the first rockets. Barely worth mentioning. Now, his polka skills on the other hand…

(Oh, and my grandmas? They just put up with the two evil geniuses. That’s all.)

Dad was a big reader and definitely passed that on. Mostly the types of books, though. Awaken the Giant and The Art of the Deal were dogeared favorites of The Bathroom Library. At night, instead of watching television (mom literally threw it out, somewhere in my teens), dad would read to us from Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylon. By day, I would ponder the lessons atop my lifeguard chair, while youngsters struggled to keep their heads above water at the local pool. (That was Job #2, after my role as cook/kitchen-hand/busboy/janitor/waiter at the local bar & grill.)

Since then, I’ve devoured, or bought-with-plans-to-devour, books on business, human behavior, quantum physics, laws of attraction, personality profiles, religion & spirituality, nutrition of all sorts, life-hackery handbooks – just about anything I could get my hands on that will mean I can make life easier for myself and those around me.

My hunger for this has allowed me to carve out an incredible life for myself at a very young age. (At least, I still think I’m young. My son, however, referred to me as ‘old as the hills,’ recently. Ouch.) This includes the money arena, the relationship arena, my physiology – the works. I’m so blissfully content with my life – but still hungering for more. That’s what I want for you: blissful contentment with an eager anticipation of what’s around the corner. (As opposed to the typical dread for that which is soon to befall.)

The Story

The quest to understand humanity is really what led me to this point. I’m the kind of guy that believes we’re truly here for a reason – but that this life is also incredibly short. And, the sooner we can all get to that point where we’re living optimally, having reduced the stressors of our day-to-day, the sooner we’ll reach that point where we’re truly contributing to the world – doing what we’re passionate about, that just so happens to be what we’ve been put here for.

The quest is to get there.

The point I’m driving at is this: If you suspect that your life could be better, even just a little bit, I would love to work with you on that. If I can say it humbly, I’ve got some knowledge to pass on that you simply might not have had time to absorb, yet. I can help you navigate and elevate yourself past the crap. You’re about to enter the world of Applied Sciences of #SELFMASTERY.

You’re destined to be a work of art. Right now, you’re a work in progress. Let’s progress a little quicker, shall we? Time’s running out.

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